Ground Improvement

"A knowledge of precedents is an essential prerequisite to the successful practice of subsurface engineering"

[image:Ground Improvement][image:Ground Improvement][image:Ground Improvement]

Design and execution of:

Stone Columns

One of GEC's diversity in foundation services is the design and installation of Stone Columns. Using vibrohammers, GEC has successfully installed Stone Columns for a number of projects. The technique employed is referred to as the "Dry Method" technique, which relies on soil displacement. With the acquisition of the Pennine Vibrofloats, GEC has installed Stone Columns using the "Wet Method" replacement technique for several sites on the Eastern and Western coasts of Saudi Arabia. Thus, depending on site-specific requirements both 'dry' or 'wet' methods are available to our clients.

Other ground improvement techniques which GEC is capable of are:

  • Sand Columns
  • Sand Drains
  • Vibro-Replacement
  • Vibro-Compaction
  • Dynamic Compaction